audrey julien

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2018the lazy postcard
no more excuse to send nothing but a good excuse to write nothing

2017Oui, non, peu importe
Sound piece

2017Other, precise 3
Performance and installation for 4 loudspeakers and one performer

2017Co-dépendance de la voix
Writing about the relation between the voice and the body, the space and the listening

2016- Female? -No. -Male? -No. -Other. Precise. / -Single? -No. -Married? -No. -Other. Precise. / -Student? -No. -Employed? -No. -Unemployed? -No. -Other. Precise.
Three hanging with fabric and scotch

2016Untitled number one / Untitled number two / Untitled number three / Untitled number four
Four metal sculptures

2016Red is for hand, blue is for feet, green is for knees.
Prop with rope and yarn

2015and I made a book about it, interviews with dutch designers
Book with the interviews of twelve dutch designers: Joost Swarte, Max Kisman, Cobbenhagen Hendriksen, De Designpolitie, Ben Bos, Lenoirschuring, Mevis & Van Deursen, Joost Grootens, Peter Bil’ak, Karel Martens, Patrick Doan and Martin Majoor